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First Annual General Meeting of Friends of Hawkhead Cemetery

Friends of Hawkhead Cemetery 

Minutes of the first Annual General Meeting of Friends of Hawkhead Cemetery held by Zoom on Tuesday 7th November 2023


·       Karin Pointon

·       Michael Fedigan

·       Martin McLister

·       Desmond Barr



·       Evelyn Thomson

·       Wendy Hepburn

·       Tony Fitzpatrick


Election of Board Members

·       Chairperson – Desmond Barr

·       Vice Chairperson – Karin Pointon

·       Secretary – Martin McLister

·       Treasurer – Michael Fedigan


Welcome and Introduction of attendees.

Welcomed everyone and explained that Wendy was unable to attend due to work and Evelyn and Tony are on holiday.

Introduction of FOHC and its mission

To ensure that Renfrewshire Council adequately maintain and invest for the public benefit in Hawkhead Cemetery, to include the infrastructure, landscape, monuments, standing structures and burial records.

Presentation and Adoption of the Annual Report

Items that were covered were:

·       Investment in the cemetery roads and drainage (over £300,000)

·       New benches and memorial pillars installed in stillborn and infant remembrance garden.

·       Railings painted.

·       Removal and restoration of the Dolton Monument.

Discussion on future projects and initiatives

·       Ensure that the east wing (older cemetery) was maintained and preserved.

·       Introduction of prominent people buried within Hawkhead Cemetery

·       Memorial to engage with the council and other relevant partners with regards to reestablishments of headstones within the Cemetery.

·       We would have a day to collect any general debris within the cemetery.

·       Provision of toilet facility

·       Restoration of Archibald MacKenzie Fountain

Any other business

·       Installation of new gates at Scotts Road.

·       Compliment the council on the work that had been done and we hoped that it would be sustainable.


Meeting closed at 8:50pm with thanks to the Chair.